Computed Tomography

Wide Detector Technology
up to 16 cm of z-axis coverage,  
320 rows /640 slices

Cutting-edge technology
up to 4 cm of z-axis coverage,
80 rows /160 sices

Smart, Flexible & Economic
up to 2 cm of z-axis coverage,
16 rows / 32 slices

Wide-bore CT
up to 4 cm of z-axis coverage

80 rows /
160 slices

16 rows /
32 slices

Aquilion ONE /
PRISM Edition

Aquilion ONE /

Prime SP

Lightning SP



Exceed LB

Aquilion LB

Designed to operate reliably and efficiently in a busy environment,
innovative and unique to Canon Medical Systems technologies solve clinical challenges
and provide simplified workflow with consistent quality results.

AI-assisted technologies

AI-assisted technologies optimizing your workflow and helping you save time and money

Advanced gantry design

• 78 cm or 90 cm gantry opening

• Bi-directional gantry tilt
Highly-advanced reconstruction technology overcomes the mathematical complexity of angled-scanning for helical and volumetric mode allowing for acquisition at your desired reading plane and with no compromise to image quality.

• Tech-Assist Lateral Slide (capacity up to 315 kg)*
The power assisted positioning expedites the set-up and reduces the heavy lifting required by the attending team.
System enables 8.4 cm of lateral table movement and improves mA modulation (dose) and image resolution

*option (available on Aquilion ONE / Aquilion Prime SP /  Aquilion Lightning SP)

SEMAR (Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction)

Canon Medical Systems’ SEMAR (Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction) utilizes a sophisticated iterative reconstruction technique to reduce metallic artifact, improving visualization of implants, supporting bone and the adjacent soft tissues for a clearer and more confident results.
SEMAR can be set in the scan protocol so the reconstructions are fully automatic requiring no additional operator input.

AIDR 3D Enhanced

Canon Medical’s 4th generation iterative reconstruction, AIDR (Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction) 3D Enhanced has been developed as the next step in the evolution of noise reduction technology. It is designed not only to lower radiation dose but also to maximize image quality all with accelerated workflow.
Fully Integrated into the automatic tube current modulation software ( SUREExposure3D ), this iterative algorithm removes noise in the raw and image data space, maintains spatial resolution and image texture.

• Tech-Assist Lateral Slide (capacity up to 315 kg)*
The power assisted positioning expedites the set-up and reduces the heavy lifting required by the attending team.
System enables 8.4 cm of lateral table movement and improves mA modulation (dose) and image resolution

PURE-ViSION Detector

PURE-ViSION Detector technology, which was introduced in our premium systems, has been adapted to achieve the perfect balance of image quality and patient dose optimized for outstanding speed in routine clinical practice.
• 0.5 mm slice resolution
• More efficient use of X-rays
• 40% better light output
• Decreased electronic noise with miniaturization of integrated circuit boards and field programmable arrays
• Maximizing Canon Medical Systems’ ceramics expertise with a detector cut from a solid ingot using mircoblade cutting technology to minimize imperfections and maximize quantum efficiency

Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE)*

Now available on Aquilion ONE / Aquilion Prime SP / Aquilion Lightning SP, AiCE is the next generation of CT reconstruction technology, the Deep Learning Reconstruction method built on an Articial Intelligent Neural Network.
Trained using vast amounts of high-quality image data, AiCE quickly produces exceptional CT images of extraordinary detail and with the low-noise properties that you might expect of a future advanced Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction (MBIR) algorithm.

AiCE has potential to aid in fast and confident clinical results by providing:
• Low Noise
• Natural Image Texture
• Sharp High Contrast Resolution
• Clear Low Contrast Detectability


Canon Medical Systems’ CTs incorporates a host of innovative adaptive power management technologies, helping you to decrease energy consumption to reduce your running costs while minimizing your environmental footprint.

Healthcare IT

Vitrea Advanced Visualization


Vitrea Advanced Visualization is a modular viewing platform that provides a broad range of functions
with the option of adding more functionality when you need it.
• Ease of use : unified workflow and user experience
• Increased efficiency: all the information you need to make a decision available in one place anytime, anywhere.
• Save time: Master big amounts of data in less time. Share images and collaborate in real time.


Vitrea is multimodality.
Our suite of advanced applications provide full-powered solutions for 2D, 3D and 4D advanced visualization used to process and analyze clinical data from multiple modalities – CT, MR, XA, PET, US and SPECT.

• Seamless features to compare multiple series.
• Ability to switch to additional integrated applications to further post-process or quantify the series.


Vitrea Advanced Visualization is multi-vendor and allows you to:

• Use advanced applications with all modalities – irrespective of the manufacturer – to help reduce
of training costs and to become an expert through familiarity.
• Consolidate the number of separate applications, and reduce the complexity of managing many independent applications and suppliers.
• Supplement PACS reading through its multi-vendor capabilities



A one user, intuitive, multi-modality workstation increases productivity helping to optimize the time and resources needed to produce clinical results.


A three-user, multi-modality solution that increases your department workflow with a cost-effective
alternative to enterprise integration, all with minimal IT impact.


An enterprise-wide advanced visualization solution provides scalable thin client access to multi-modality clinical solutions anywhere in your medical enterprise.

Global Illumination

Global Illumination is a new revolutionary 3D/4D rendering technique to help provide a more photorealistic view of human anatomy, available within existing Vitrea Advanced Visualization workflows. Users can stay at the forefront of their industry by using new cutting-edge real-time photorealistic rendering techniques delivered by Global Illumination, share findings more easily with both Multi-Disciplinary Teams and patients as well as seamlessly integrate photorealistic images into routine clinical workflow.

Pure Innovation

Position yourself at the forefront of your industry with new cutting-edge, real-time photorealistic rendering techniques.


Global Illumination rendering uses complex lighting and shading techniques to provide photorealistic imaging.
Greater detail: Improve your understanding of image content, such as anatomy, spatial relationships, and lesion identification, through the greater detail that Global Illumination rendering offers than in traditional volume rendering.
Real time & interactive: Real-time image manipulation and editing enables you to quickly segment and edit anatomy – without disrupting clinical workflow.
Patented technology: Canon’s next-generation Global Illumination with patented market-leading technology will change the way you look at medical imaging.

Smart Collaboration

Share findings more easily with both MDTs and your patients, thanks to outstanding photorealistic images.

Improved communication and collaboration with non-radiology physicians: Using outstanding photorealistic imaging allows for effective sharing and education across MDTs and cross-facility departments. Conveying information outside of Radiology has never been easier.
Improved image understanding and application by the non-radiologist physician: Global Illumination rendering is a tool to cross over to new clinical domains, for example, forensic imaging. It also potentially aids in surgical planning and oncology.

Patented technology: Canon’s next-generation Global Illumination with patented market-leading technology will change the way you look at medical imaging.

Intelligent Integration

Integrate photorealistic images in clinical workflows for unprecedented time and cost-efficiency

Integrated into existing workflow: Global Illumination rendering works on standard hardware so you can get the benefits of photorealistic 4D image rendering in routine clinical workflow with no added time or effort.
New use cases: Images generated with Global Illumination rendering enhances communication when used with existing tools, and has the potential to add value and change the way reporting is done today and in the future.
Surgical planning: Global Illumination rendering has promising use in aiding surgical planning and complementing benefits of 3D printing*.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Large bore MRI
63 cm & 71 cm
fits every patient

Highest magnet performance
1.61 ppm homogenity
full 55 x 55 x 50 cm
FOV with fat-sat

Proven image quality
sub-milimeter resolution up to 5 µm
AiCE™ – unique Deep-Learning based reconstruction

ECO-Mode Plus
ready to scan in less than 1s
lowest TCO on the market

Vantage ELAN / NX

Vantage ORIAN / XGO

Vantage GALAN 3T / XGO

Canon Medical’s range of MR solutions are built with intelligent cutting-edge workflow and image-processing technologies to accelerate scans and improve diagnostic confidence, delivering outstanding results for post-mortem diagnostic.

AiCE™ – see through the noise

AiCE™ is the world’s first MR Deep Learning reconstruction technology. AiCE produces stunning MR images that are exceptionally detailed and with the low-noise properties you might expect of a high SNR image.

AiCE™ boost SNR to values achievable only on higher-tesla systems : 1.5T with AiCE™ -> SNR equivalent to 4.7T, 3T with AiCE™ -> SNR equivalent to 9.4T.

Quality and freedom in every detail

Cross over to a new era with a MRI systems fully capable of meeting the imaging needs of a cutting-edge healthcare facility.

Vantage Galan 3T evolves into the AI era with Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) technology and fast scanning without compromise with Compressed SPEEDER. Combined with outstanding automated workflow, pure digital image quality, and industry leading design, Vantage Galan 3T is the MRI system you need now, and into the future.

With outstanding performance in class and uncompromised clinical confidence, Vantage Orian is the perfect answer to your 1.5T MRI business and clinical requirements.

Vantage Elan NX
, now available with Artificial Intelligence (AI) based noise removal and compressed sensing scan acceleration technology inherited from our high-end MRI scanners – delivers operational and clinical freedom on every front.
All Canon Medical MRI systems are manufactured in Japan, with proven extraordinary performance in every detail.

Even-larger bore

Thanks to unique design, Canon Medical MRI systems provides more spacious bore – for Vantage Elan / NX it is 63 cm (industry standard = 60 cm), for Vantage Orian & Galan : 71 cm (industry standard = 70 cm).

Mores space = more possibilities.

Fore See View

ForeSee View is an unique essential scan planning tool allowing you to preview slice planning in real time. Enabling planning from edge to edge in the region you wish to image, ForeSee View is particularly useful in anatomies that can be difficult to plan such as the pancreas, the heart, orthopedic joints, tortuous vessels and ligaments, complex post-surgery vessels and arteries.

Highest resolution

Thanks to patented technologies, like Saturn Gradient Technology, Pure Signal Technology and Pure RF, each of Canon Medical MRI systems provides exceptional image quality.
Thanks to AiCE™, 2D scans can be performed with 1mm slices, which gives exceptional details with low noise, allowing for high-quality contrast, MPR reconstructions and metal-artifact reduction from one single projection.

ECO Mode

ECO Mode reduces power consumption to minimize system operating costs. ECO Mode can be automatically activated simply by lowering the couch once the procedure is complete.
Thanks to ultra-fast control system, scanner is ready to use in less than 1s.

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